Button Stuffed Cookies

Chocolate Buttons!

One afternoon I was wandering through Shopper’s Drug Mart and saw a package of those chocolate buttons that Cadbury’s and others are making. And a lightbulb went off: what if I used them to make a sort of “reverse Oreo?”

So I made some sugar cookie dough. I got a recipe on line–there are dozens of them–and went to work.

It’s very easy.

  • Make the dough and roll into a log a few centimetres in diameter–just larger than the chocolate buttons.
  • Cool it in the freezer.
  • When it’s cool, it’s easier to cut. Slice the log into coins–not too thick!
  • make your cookie sandwiches. I found that it’s better with two chocolate buttons per cookie. Who doesn’t want more chocolate?
  • Bake according to the recipe.

The end result–very tasty!

That’s it. Prep and baking time was around a half hour, not including the time it too to cool.

Next time I’m trying Caramilk Buttons.



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