Pizza with a Twist

Pizza Twist

Pizza with a Twist

Last night we had a hankering for pizza. Olivia has a great recipe for pizza crust–which is really just a simple baking soda biscuit recipe to which we’ve added flax and caraway seeds. We’ll post that another day.

The only thing was, we didn’t have any pizza sauce. We once tried adding oil and herbs to tomato paste and weren’t happy with the result (here’s a food tip, don’t do that). We had some canned tomatoes, so we could have made a nice sauce; but instead we tried something different.

We used a nice grainy dijon mustard. Sounds different, right? It turned out really well, actually, adding a surprising tang to the pizza. And this opens up a whole world of pizza possibilities. All those specialty pizzas you see at various take out joints make sense now: BBQ sauce, pesto or a curry. We’ll look forward to trying them!


Olivia and James



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