Chicken Rolled with Aparagus

Chicken rolled with asparagus

Chicken Rolled with Asparagus

A friend of mine posted an experiment she’d tried last week, and it looked delicious.  She said it was really simple–didn’t even use a recipe, per se–so naturally, we had to give it a go!

We started with two large chicken breasts, and sliced them in half along the length–butterflied. This gives you a nice wide surface to roll the asparagus up with. Because of the way I cut them (I’ve never butterflied a chicken breast before) they were a bit uneven, but it worked out well; we ended up with two big servings, and two smaller ones, but they all cooked at the same rate.

Next, we salted and peppered both sides–a touch more pepper on the inside gave it a nice kick in the end–and added a dab of butter. Each breast held four spears of asparagus; any more, and we wouldn’t have been able to fully wrap them. Roll the breast to cover the asparagus, then add a toothpick to hold it all together.A dab of vegetable oil on the asparagus tips helped them get nice and  crisp.

Then we added some dijon mustard, rubbing it on the surface of the chicken. This was the recipe we got from Juliet, and the flavours worked great. I’d like to try this again with different rubs; a Jamaican Jerk, maybe, or honey mustard. I bet this would even work really well done on the BBQ (in a foil pan of course) with a smoky hickory sauce.

These went in the oven at 400° F for 35 minutes. Just for a nice bit of flair, we shredded up some havarti and sprinkled it on top for the last five minutes of cooking. Test it before you take them out–the flesh should be white and the juices run clear. Depending on how thick you cut the chicken, it could take longer or shorter in the oven; just keep an eye on it.

To go with the chicken we just sauteed up some fresh vegetables–including a delicious yellow “Crooknecked Squash” that was pretty much a zucchini–and made a Caesar salad. A simple and delicious simple meal that took less than an hour!

Thanks and credit to Juliet for the recipe and idea. Go find her at Lemon of Choice!